OMSK Social Club is a stewarded and sprawling collective whose artistic practice is created between two lived worlds, one of life as we know it and the other of role play. These worlds bleed into one, creating a chasm of enquiry, that takes the form of a specific immersive methodology, they coined in 2017 called Real Game Play: collective immersion and speculative worlding. From these live iterations, media relics are harvested such as films, scripts and large-scale installations invoking states and gateways that could potentially be a fiction or a yet, unlived reality.

OMSK Social Club works closely with networks of viewers, everything is unique and unrehearsed. The living installations they create examine virtual egos, popular experiences and cautionary tales. Allowing the works to become a dematerialized hybrid of modern-day culture alongside the participant's unique personal experiences. In the past OMSK Social Club’s Real Game Play immersive environments have explored landscapes and topics such as memetic visual architectures, cryptoraves, desire&sacrifice, asemic hyper tools, micro-gridded affinity groups, DAOs and consensus rituals.

They have exhibited across Europe in various institutions, galleries, theatres and off-sites such as Martin Gropius Bau, House of Electronic Kunst Basel, HKW, Berlin, Volksbühne, Berlin, Stroom den Haag, Netherlands and Light Art Space Berlin. They have been included in CTM Festival (2021), 34th Ljubljana Biennial (2021) 6th Athens Biennale (2018), Transmediale Festival (2019), The Influencers (2018) and Impakt Festival (2018). In 2021 they co-curated the 7th Athens Biennale with Larry Ossei-Mensah.

“Zen, Speed, Organic: 3 lifestyle diets.”


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